001. HELLO!

Hello Everyone,

I’m Brit and this here is my writing blog. I’ve have plenty of writing related blogs in the past. They were created to to document my journey from first draft to completed manuscript. While I enjoyed blogging and connecting with other writers and readers on the internet, I just couldn’t keep up with them.  Since most of my energy was directed toward completing writing projects, blogging seemed to take a backseat. However, in an attempt to turn over a new leaf and “do better,”  I’ve decided to try something new and like, actually stick with blogging. 

[this is where you cheer and throw confetti]

Since this blog bears my name, I’m considering it my “official” writing blog. What I hope to share with you all is a sneak peek into the mess that is my writing process, random thoughts about writing, and ons of and tons of pop culture junk as it relates to my craft~ among other topics. I have big plans for this blog.

I hope you all enjoy it and come back soon!