022. Oh, Hey

Sorry for the lack of updates. I know I said I would blog every day this month but somehow November has gotten the best of me again. I will do better in the future (this isn’t another empty apology).

I have a few announcements to make today. The first is great news! Beginning December 1st (MONDAY!) and lasting until the 8th, I will be participating in a book tour for Dia of the Dead. The tour has been arranged by Diverse Book Tours and the ladies behind it are absolutely lovely. I will definitely be working with them in the future.

This is my first book tour and I’m extremely excited about it. I’ll be posting the list of participating blogs as soon as I receive it!

The second thing I’d like to share is the status of my writing (or lack thereof). The second book in the Dia of the Dead series is completed and has been sent to betas. I’ve heard back from one (shout out to Sam), I just need to follow up with the rest. I will probably be revisiting the draft and polishing it up a bit in the upcoming weeks.

Confession: I love writing Dia. I can pop into her head anytime and see her interacting with her world anytime. It comes with an ease that isn’t present while working on other projects. This easiness is probably due to the length of time I’ve been working with her. But I digress.

I’m also working on a few other novels that I hope to turn into something rather than leaving them to rot on my hard drive.

The last thing I wanted to give a quick update¬†on was my health. I’ve talked about my chronic migraines in previous posts and guess what? They’re still happening! Not only that, my migraines decided to bring focal seizures to the party! And boy do these guys know how to turn up!

I’m going to be frank, neurological conditions are a pain in the ass. Having migraines and seizures period blows. Having them as a writer blows even more. I currently lack the stamina I once had to get shit done. Writing is hard but I love it so much that sitting down to crank out a couple thousand words per day is no biggie. But not on migraine days. Migraines totally deplete my mana. While I may feel like writing, I am usually drained of the desire to do anything other than to lie down in a dark room. I hate how this has been impacting my life during the last couple of months. Everything goes from coming up Milhouse to the universe “ha-ha!”ing me Nelson Muntz-style. :/

I hope that one day I’ll return to normal¬†but in the mean time, I’m going to try to take care of myself as best I can and continue to write.